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Friday, October 07, 2011

First blood

Elizabeth Warren has already nicked Scott Brown's halo more than Martha Coakley ever did.

What started as a light-hearted if pointed quip about Brown's Cosmo centerfold appearance has quickly escalated with what can only be called a high school comeback demeaning Warren's appearance.

Asked during Tuesday night's debate how she earned her way through college, Warren joked:
"I kept my clothes on."
Asked for a comeback on a drive time radio show, Brown offered up his best 10th grade persona:
"Thank God."
Sensing a gaffe, the campaign fired back. Wildly:
“It’s elitist of Professor Warren to look down at the decisions Scott Brown made to put himself through college and rise above the circumstances of his life,’’ campaign manager Jim Barnett said. “Scott has fought and scraped for everything he’s got.’’
(What's the matter: was designated shiv artist Eric Ferhnstrom reading his press clips?)

Warren, in contrast, took the high road:
“You know, I’ll survive a few jabs from Scott Brown over my appearance."
The response, from Brown's friends, was far more vitriolic:
“What a dumb thing to say,” said Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, who added that Brown already has alienated much of his Tea Party base by being too moderate.
Clearly the Brown campaign is nervous about Warren's burst onto the stage. But the class warfare approach is a dangerous one, something that could singe Brown as much as Warren.

While Brown has told us of his troubled childhood, Warren did not grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. The daughter of middle class parents who had to scrape together after her father suffered a heart attack and was drowning in medical bills, Warren took a waitress job to help her mother pay the bills. The job allowed her to keep her clothes on.

As for Boston College Law School, Brown's alma mater, it proudly trumpets it's exclusivity among the Top 20 in the nation, a more prestigious perch than Warren's alma mater of Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

The Brown camp will be making a huge mistake if they try to make class warfare on a woman who raised herself on her cowboy country bootstraps. Being the enemy of banks is a far better place to be in America these days than being its friend.

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