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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Follow the money

Thanks to the Supreme Court, cash remains the mother's milk of politics. And Democrats still appear strong by that measure.

For all the sturm und drang of the Republican assault on the middle class, Barack Obama appears to be holding his own, thank you very much. He leads Mitt Romney in New Hampshire cash and, depending on who you read, is holding his own in the business community.

Locally, Republicans are in high dudgeon over Elizabeth Warren's out-of-state fund-raising prowess during a quarter when she was largely unknown to the Massachusetts electorate. And both the GOP and Globe apparently have developed amnesia over the impact of out-of-state dollars on Brown's coffers.

Why is this important? Isn't there already too much money awash in politics?

There can be little doubt that our political system has been corrupted by the money available to buy access and expensive TV time. Or that it will be even worse this election cycle thanks to the corrosive Citizens United decision.

But given the current rules of the game, cash remains a significant benchmark in handicapping political viability. And from that benchmark, the doom and gloom being offered by the GOP has failed to take root in most places other than the really high rollers on Wall Street.

And that too is a major sign of hope for the reality-based community.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a society that exalts the Kardashians and considers Jersey Shore a "reality" show, I'm afraid the political scene is destined to become more of a circus with mis-leading 30 second ads that sway an increasingly unsophisticated populace. The spin that is allowed in political messages (on both the left and right) without any shred of truth leaves me very discouraged.

October 20, 2011 12:41 PM  

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