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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Having it his way

Sen. Scott Brown, who voted in party lockstep to defeat Barack Obama's jobs bill, is now decrying "disgusting" political obstructionism. Is this a trick?

Brown, seeing a credible Democratic challenger in his rear view mirror, offered a gymnastic defense of his own role in the shenanigans that have gripped Washington in lieu of real solutions to real problems -- shenanigans that only escalated as the 41st senator took his seat as the GOP wedge to block Obama.
“The thing that’s frustrating to me is that there’s no Democrat bill that’s going to pass, folks. There’s no Republican bill, either,’’ he said before 300 businesspeople. “Let’s stop playing games.’’
Brown tells us of his efforts to be a "conciliator," by sharing a bike ride with John Kerry and striking up a friendship with Al Franken in an effort to "bring the Senate together."

Until he brings Mitch McConnell into the kumbayah circle it's little more than window dressing going into a tough election year.

And alas, it appears window dressing is his strong suit, from the barn coat and pickup truck to the appearances before friendly crowds where he takes limited or no questions. Brown has been remarkably adept at sidestepping both the media and the public who elected him,

If Brown really wanted to be the one who broke the obstructionism he could start by no longer voting in lockstep with McConnell -- except of course in those rare instances when it was good for his campaign fund-raising.

And he could offer a plan that includes concrete examples of reaching across the aisle to satisfy both sides. You know a package that includes extending payroll tax cuts and launching needed infrastructure repairs that will create jobs and jump start the economy.

Wait a minute, didn't Barack Obama already do that?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not that he voted against the jobs bill, at least he would be taking a stand; he helped filibuster it! He wouldn't even let it be voted on, which seems to be the exact kind of obstructionism he pretends to find disgusting.

That message needs to be broadcast, he cannot be allowed to perpetuate this myth that he wants to get legislation passed and work across the aisle. Why the media in Boston and across the country is allowing him to filibuster on one hand and complain about obstructionism on the other is ridiculous.

October 18, 2011 9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tea Party wouldn't be mad at him if he didn't occaisonally work with the other side would they? He must vote on/ filibuster on things based on their individual merits.

October 18, 2011 3:09 PM  

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