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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Late to the party

Is the media missing the next Tea Party? Or is it expressing buyer's remorse for the current one?

It took the New York Times awhile to discover the band of protesters who assembled in lower Manhattan under the Occupy Wall Street banner. Now they seem to have caught on to the discontent on the left, although their Boston paper still seems a bit cynical and skeptical, having been burned in coverage by a blog that often covers Boston better than they do.

The Tea Party question, of course, remains to be answered. The thunder on the right was discovered only after a few loud voices emerged to challenge elected officials at "town hall meetings" during the slow summer news season.

The mainstream media has still done a poor job looking at the AstroTurf roots of the supposedly prairie fire emanating between the coasts.

The Occupy movement owes its new found attention to the New York Police Department, which first pepper-sprayed it and then busted 700 protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge under circumstances that could lead some to suggest entrapment.

What will be interesting to see is if the MSM takes an in-depth skeptical look at a movement with leftist roots -- something it failed to do with the right wing Tea Party. It's safe to say the money men and their sycophants on the right will start bellowing "communism" soon enough.

Bit what should be amply clear is there is a massive disconnect between our elected officials and the people, left and right, they claim to govern. And there is much that can be reported -- starting with the corrupting influence of corporate spending on the legislative process.

And reporters don't even have to stand in the rain to do that story.

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