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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Senator, I am no Martha Coakley

The crowd was small, The external audience limited to webcast. But the initial reviews say get ready for an Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown showdown.

Even the Tea Party Newsletter, sponsors of the Lowell showdown gave her high, but predictably not perfect, marks for her performance. But for this non-watcher, the highest mark came from the obviously scripted line designed to contrast her method for earning cash during law school from that of incumbent senator Scott Brown, R-Cosmo Centerfold:
"I kept my clothes on."
That line seemed to bounce around ever corner of the Twitterverse from those who watched so I didn't have to. A breezy shot, it aims right at the critics who objected to Martha Coakley's lackadaisical campaign against Brown --which included never challenging the double standard that Brown's "youthful indiscretion" received a far different response than if would have if Coakley had done the same thing.

Warren was well-coached and while the crowd was small, the media gaffe patrol was on high alert for any opening night butterflies, so it was a clearly a solid first outing. And it set the tone for what is likely to be the undertone of any future battle with Brown:

"I know Martha Coakley. Martha Coakley may even become a friend of mine. But Senator, I am no Martha Coakley."

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