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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs

Maybe it was a sign: The iPhone 4S being unveiled to murmurs of disappointment. The wow factor people had come to expect was not there.

Then mere hours later comes word that the father of the iPhone -- and iPad, iPod and everything else Apple -- had lost his lengthy battle with cancer at the way too young age 56.

Steve Jobs was a technology geek and a marketing wizard rolled up into one package. The company he founded reflects those elements and what was also surely a streak of paranoia. But Jobs' genius revolutionized our world, exactly as envisioned in that 1984 commercial that launched Macintosh.

So as I sit here with my MacBook, gearing up for a day tethered to my iPhone, it seems appropriate to pause for a moment and reflect on the passing of an iconic man who changed the world.

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