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Friday, November 25, 2011

Buried lead

The Tea Party Newsletter offers up a "exclusive" today about RomneyCare, complete with blaring headlines and scary graphics. But you need to get to the 10th paragraph of the 13-graf story to see the real "scam."

The Beacon Hill Institute, that staunch defender of voodoo economics, in a report "obtained" by the Herald, is in high dudgeon over a loophole in the state's health care law that allowed people to get insurance right before a major operation, then drop it afterward,.

Screaming about "dumpers and jumpers," the TPN warns about the perils ahead for the nation.

Only problem with the dire warnings? Ancient history. The loophole was spotted and closed in 2010. Not before causing some extra spending, to be sure, but not the money pit the folks at BHI stay awake at night worrying about.

When confronted by that reality by Amy Whitcomb Slemmer of Health Care For All, the Herald triumphantly notes she "acknowledges" it is too soon to tell whether it has worked, and offers up this gloomy assessment:
And the study raises serious doubts. “It is unclear if these changes will discourage individuals from skirting the mandates in the face of surging insurance premiums,” the report says. “This is especially true for individuals seeking non-emergency treatment, who can register during the open enrollment period and still cancel their plans after receiving treatment.”
File under: Chicken Little journalism.

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Blogger Craig Casey said...

How do you figure the loophole was closed? People can delay expensive procedures if need be for years if they have to and it's not life threatening.


December 02, 2011 7:02 AM  

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