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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Change I can't believe in

The folks who have agita at the thought of change apparently have a big one in mind for all Americans -- the kind that weighs down pockets and purses.

Conservatives who call phasing out of the incandescent light bulb a Communist plot, are hatching their own plot to eliminate the dollar bill and replace it with a coin.

The fact the idea is as popular as Rush Limbaugh at an Occupy rally is only of marginal interest to the Tea Party-backed lawmaker who wants to phase out the paper dollar.

Arizona Rep. David Schweikert is attracted to a Government Accountability Office report that says replacing paper with metal could save about $5.5 billion over 30 years. That is chump change in comparison to the waste that can be found in the defense budget, to name just one source of bloat. No problem, says Schweikert:
β€œIt fits the mantra of why we got elected β€” to save money...”
No matter that the public finds dollar coins as popular as, um, taxes. Three-quarters of the American people responding to a poll around the 2007 introduction of a series of dollars paying tribute to American presidents rejected the idea. Frankly I haven't even seen a presidential dollar and have a couple of Sacagawea bucks I would like to unload if it didn't annoy the merchants who would have to take them.

Then there's the odd-sided Susan B. Anthony dollar that even gave vending machines fits.

A friendly suggestion to my Tea Party friends: let's try to solve the problems we currently have before heading out to deal with issues that no one else considers an issue.

That would be change I can believe in.

UPDATE: H/T to Mrs. OL for a link to a story on how much we are wasting on a dollar coin program. Maybe ending that would save as much as getting rid of the paper bills we prefer?

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