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Friday, November 18, 2011

Control ... delete

If the best defense is a good offense the Mitt Romney campaign appears to be making a furious goal line stand.

Myth's minions demanded Deval Patrick turn over all communications with the White House in the wake of the Globe's revelation the outgoing administration purchased their computer hard drives as they walked out the door in 2006. Deval's doing Barack's dirty work, they claim.

No problem, says Patrick’s chief legal counsel, Mark Reilly:
“We have fulfilled over 250 public records requests in our five years in office, and we will be happy to fulfill this one.’’
In the meantime, the "everyone did it" story crumbled like a Romney policy paper.
“I don’t remember anybody buying their hard drives. I don’t remember anybody buying anything,’’ said Stephen P. Crosby, who worked for Romney’s two predecessors and handled the transition between Jane Swift’s outgoing administration and Romney’s incoming one, and who was also co-chairman of Governor Deval Patrick’s budget and finance transition team. “I can’t even remember anybody discussing it. It certainly wasn’t [standard operating procedure] in any way. That’s almost unthinkable. It seems inherently a bad idea. You almost think you’d want to have a record of everything going on for the public.’’
Ouch. When it takes just one phone call to demolish a myth, what does that mean for Our Man Myth?

Secretary of State Bill Galvin helped fill in some of the context, noting that while technically the governor’s aides do not have to release e-mails to the public, they do have to preserve them for the state archives.

I expect Globe reporters are beginning a conga line across Morrissey Boulevard from their offices to the State Archives to see what the public doesn't know (and when they didn't know it) about the Romney years under the Golden Dome.

Anyone who thinks this won't make its way to the presidential campaign is in serious denial. Romney has been having trouble reaching 25 percent support among conservatives who have embraced just about everyone except Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (yet) in their zeal to find a Myth alternative.

This looks like an very interesting chapter in the the public life of a candidate who until this point had a squeaky clean reputation to fall back on.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote from Dan Kennedy's blog:

"* The Globe reports that the emails are not public records, and would not be subject to a public-records request. Yet Secretary of State Bill Galvin says the emails nevertheless should have been turned over to him for filing in the state archives. Are there any circumstances under which the records could be made public? If not, isn’t this a story about nothing?
* Why wasn’t this an issue in 2008, the first time Romney ran for president? Romney wasn’t some back-of-the-pack lightweight that year. He was the most credible alternative to John McCain. Did no one ask for this stuff back then?
* Doesn’t Romney’s campaign have a point when it claims that the revelation may be a politically motivated attack by Gov. Deval Patrick? After all, it comes during the same week that Patrick slimed former attorney general Scott Harshbarger, the most prominent opponent of his cherished casino plan."

November 18, 2011 11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares what the motivation was for bringing up the story? The question remains is why would these people, uniquely placed at the highest level of the Romney administration, purchase their hard drives, not the entire computer, and do whatever to them? It couldn't have been because it was a good deal to get another HD for their home computer since they could afford an entire new computer with less thought than I do when buying a loaf of bread. There had to be a greater reason why this systemic purchase was made, and the aggressive opposition by the Romney campaign suggests that it was not benign.

November 19, 2011 8:21 AM  

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