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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Decamping Zuccotti

The Occupy movement may not know it, but New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did them a big favor.

New York's $20 billion man became the ultimate symbol of the 1 percent by ordering the middle-of-the-night raid that emptied Zuccotti Park, much to the delight of the financial industry that has occupied the area for decades.

Instead of dealing with the problems caused by their own 1 percent of unruly campers, the Occupy movement now has another rallying cry in their quest to show the double standard that exists for Americans based on income.

Foes had seized on the bad elements that infiltrated the fringes and lumped them together with the collective governance style to proclaim Occupy a rudderless fringe element. So much for those issues in New York.

Instead, the movement now has multiple outposts sharing a sense of solidarity and outrage and the issue of income inequality is now openly discussed around the world.

The biggest challenge facing the movement has been and will continue to be finding a voice -- and perhaps a spokesman or woman who can articulate the values that brought campers to Zuccotti Park and Dewey Square and other outposts.

But even that is not insurmountable. Quick: Who speaks for the Tea Party?

And while that search goes on, part of the maturation of a two-month-old movement that has spread around the world, campers won't face the prospect of a cold winter being tarred by the misdeeds of their own fringes.

But if they still insist on an encampment, how about Occupy Gracie Mansion? Bloomberg has a few other options at his disposal.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't they camp at Harvard, or Cambridge? You liberals jumped all over the fringe Tea Partiers as representing the movement, racists, gun nuts, etc. Now you're crying when the fringe OWS people are held up as examples of the movement. My big question is where did the money go the 500,000+ in donations. I don't think the 20-30 people who did an occupy Worcester got much for their media coordination and for their food etc. And I have to laugh when Michael Moore and other celebrities stop by to lend their moral support and keep their Wall Street cred.

November 16, 2011 9:12 AM  

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