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Saturday, November 05, 2011

One-legged stool

Pore over stories about Mitt Romney's budget proposal and one thing becomes very clear: no shared sacrifice. Search for the words "defense" and "taxes" and you will fail.

The Pander Man was in high dudgeon appearing before the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity conference, proclaiming his allegiance to future generations of Americans who should not be saddled with crushing debt -- by trimming Medicare and Medicaid.
“There are some who are going to argue that fiscal responsibility is heartless and immoral,’’ Romney said. “No, what’s heartless is to imperil our children, and what’s immoral is to imperil the strength of a nation that was founded under God and preserved by his hand.’"
No sane person will argue the nation's current financial path is a sound one. Yet Romney's moralistic call for sacrifice conveniently overlooks two other important pieces of the stool on which reform must be built so it can last.

With troops leaving Iraq by year's end and scaling back in Afghanistan -- wars paid for by credit card with the bills left for future generations -- why do we need to spend $680 billion (as in $680,000,000,000) on the tools of war?

And why do those prosperous Americans get a pass on participating in the form of a share of the tax bills assessed against the 1 Percent who earn 23.5 percent of the nation's income.

With Americans living longer, there is a case for sensible Medicare and Social Security reform that acknowledges 65 is no longer a universal age when men and women can or want to hang 'em up and head off for what could be another 25 years of life.

But by focusing only on this one leg of the stool, Republicans like Romney fail to acknowledge the broader ills facing our nation caused by unchecked weapons spending and a free pass offered to the Top 1 percent.

We need leaders who care about all citizens, not just the ones with the resources to buy the attention and affection of elected officials through campaign cash.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe in the future Soc Sec recipients can put in 10 hrs a week in community service, doing things like painting hallways and stuff in low income housing. It gets them some excersize, and the housing authority can save money. God knows the budgets in places like Chelsea are streched thin.

November 07, 2011 5:07 AM  

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