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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ready, aim, finger point

The failure predicted last August is upon on and elected officials and wannabees are in full blame mode over the congressional supercommittee.

While Democrats have not been shy about aiming a few fingers across the aisle, it strikes me that the GOP is in higher dudgeon, perhaps because they know in their heart of hearts that their Pledge of Allegiance to Grover is in direct opposition to the view of a majority of Americans who think higher taxes should be part of any plan.

The Tea Party Newsletter naturally takes aim at John Kerry, the only local representative on the panel. In a typical story that fails to back up the headline, the TPN postulates how Kerry's clout could be diminished by the failure -- even though his constituency would applaud him for holding the line against a GOP cut-only solution.

Meanwhile, Our Man Myth takes aim at the one who wasn't there -- blasting Barack Obama for not immersing himself in congressional negotiations. The Mittster says Obama should have taken personal charge of the talks and forced the committee to act.

Or what? He'd send them to bed without vegetables from Michelle's garden? Romney conveniently offers no answers of his own, other than rejecting both higher taxes and defense cuts -- a daily double of ineffectiveness from the GOP talking points.

The stalemate was a foregone conclusion when lawmakers set Thanksgiving as a deadline to resolve issues that Republicans have refused to move on. Anyone who thought differently should take an extra helping of crow to go with this turkey of a Congress.

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