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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Try it. You won't like it.

The 1 Percent who run the Republican Party are taking aim at the 99 percent again: those people who would rather collect unemployment benefits than take a job.

Yep, the no-longer compassionate conservatives are turning their wrath at the long-term unemployed, placing them in the same category as Ronald Reagan's infamous "welfare queens."

According to James Sherk, a labor economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation, benefits have grown too generous and should be cut back to encourage people to take jobs they would have otherwise shunned because they were unfamiliar, paid less, or were below their qualifications.

“Workers have in mind the certain job they’re looking for, the location, the kind of work,’’ Sherk said. “As you have longer and more generous benefits, workers are more selective.’’

What economy is he looking at? The mythical one where the GOP's "job creators" have created a cornucopia of positions to sift through?

Or the real one where the unemployed need not apply?

Perhaps a better way to generate more federal revenue is to stimulate the economy so people can find jobs and pay taxes rather than cripple it by reducing buying and spending power even more than it has been already.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work for a multinational in central mass. I personally know 6 people who have collected unemployment for the last 2 years(with extensions) who weren't looking for jobs at all. The company was downsizing, buyouts were offered you got one weeks pay for every year seniority. All the guys had at least 35 years. When you picked the package you then went on unemployment for 2 years. When the unemployment ran out finally, they started getting the company pension and most by that time were also eligible for Soc. Sec. If they had been forced to do community service or actually look for work they all would have just gone on their pension to begin with. There are some struggling out there but some are just riding it out. I would have done it myself but I was off by two years on my age.

November 29, 2011 12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But hows their job prospects now?

Can't blame them for figuring it be better to wait for the economy to improve, then waste resources early when there simply are not jobs to be had.

There are not enough jobs in the US to employ all the unemployed or even underemployed. Thats including if people took jobs vastly lower then their previous pay scale and qualifications.

Until you answer that million dollar questions, blaming people for not finding work is kind of mute. Te jobs simply are not there, even if everyone was fighting over the worst of the worst jobs...

November 30, 2011 5:05 PM  

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