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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cain's not able

Let me get this straight: Herman Cain suspended his campaign not because he's not a fighter but because the big, bad media keeps hurting his family by reporting his bimbo eruptions? Or that he is tanking in Iowa?

I thought conservatives believe in personal responsibility?

So this bizarre "Anyone But Mitt" primary season continues with Newt Gingrich now secure with the serial philanderer vote in Iowa, where religion is the supposedly the foundation for all GOP caucus-goers. So why is the monogamous Romney do despised?

The rise and fall of Herman Cain may well be a centerpiece when historians write the history of the Tea Party. The Georgia pizza magnate symbolizes the movement: a huckster who used targeted rhetoric to tap into the inchoate anger for his own benefit. In his case, it was books. For the Koch brothers, it's been preferred tax treatment.

Cain's record is astounding: a tax policy that calls for raising rates for those at the bottom; the outright denial of charges from women who gave up their privacy to tell stories of his infidelity; and ultimately, a slickly packaged withdrawal in which he not only denies responsibility but opts for a "solution" that allows him to continue to collect taxpayers' dollars to promote his own website crusade.

This certainly is the land of opportunity --for those who know how to bend the rules. And that is the central tenet of today's Republican Party.

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