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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Naughty cuss returns

Old talk show hosts don't die or fade away. They become state political party officials.

Yes, Peter Blute, a one-time congressman whose career as Massport director was shipwrecked after an encounter with his own Ginger aboard the Nauticus following a Boston Harbor booze cruise, is back as No. 2 in the state Republican Party.

What, Greg Hyatt or Royall Switzler wasn't available? I guess Republicans do believe in selective unemployment benefits.

It's been more than a dozen years since Blute took his own infamous three-hour tour of Boston Harbor, shattering his political career and launching his radio gigs. By all accounts he was a hard-working type, but his rebirth this holiday season points up the lack of depth up on the GOP bench.

Blute is doing a volunteer gig as a booster for Scott Brown in what is expected to be a hard-fought battle with Elizabeth Warren. And he is certainly earnest about the task ahead.
“I am a committed Republican and want to see Republicans succeed - including Scott Brown.’’
Never mind that "committed" may be the wrong term to use in discussing a party that favors tax cuts for the rich but blocks them for working people. And a question for new GOP boss Robert Maginn: do you really want someone Howie loves to poke jokes at? Oh I forgot, he's a Republican. He's off-limits.

So in that spirit, and the spirit of season, let me thank the state GOP for a gift that keeps on giving.

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