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Monday, December 05, 2011

Occupy High Ground

With the City of Boston ready to bring the hammer down, it may be time for Occupy Boston to declare victory and move to the next phase.

The Tent City in Dewey Square is now one of the last encampments left from the movement that began on Wall Street this fall. Despite critics who question the motives or seeming lack of goals, the Occupy movement has succeeded in raising the issue of income equality to a level unseen in the US and around the world during the run up to Great Recession.

Even the confrontations with police have silver linings, whether from pepper-spraying showdowns or the mumbled words of encouragement from cops doing their jobs.

With public opinion divided, largely over the ramshackle nature of the tent cities and the bad actions of the few, it may be time to get out of the cold and build a new strategy on the very real sentiments they have tapped.

And while it goes against the almost anarchic form of democracy the Occupiers practice, that strategy should take the form of working with the political system many distrust.

It would not be selling out. Rather it would be a sign of maturity to a movement that has come a long way in a short time and has the potential to become the force for change it strives to be.

Occupy the Statehouse, Congress and White House with elected leaders who understand your goals and can work to bring them to fruition. The base is already there to work with you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why wait for elections. Put together a OWS approved business model. It would be like the Better Business approval, but for vendors. This small business (maybe a store) spends it's money locally, provides health care for it's employees, has profit sharing, etc. Put a sticker in the window and have people patronize only approved vendors. Vote with their pocketbooks, which is always the best way to get things done.

December 05, 2011 9:22 AM  

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