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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rolling snake eyes

Casino gambling proponents seemed to have forgotten one of the key features of locating "destination" resorts: the ability to divide and antagonize the destination.

It's instructive how divided and angry the Town of Foxboro already is before the first blueprint is even laid out -- let along the first scoop of dirt turned. The community can't even agree on whether it is appropriate the listen to Robert Kraft and Steve Wynn before sending them straight out of town.

Not that the unhappiness failed to register on the Casino Cousins, who have bankrolled their own PR operation, labeled Jobs for Foxboro -- to compete against the spontaneous grassroots opposition that sprang up after Kraft and Wynn unveiled their idea of a "bucolic" destination resort where the gambling is hidden behind dancing waters and erupting volcanoes.

It's only going to get uglier from here.

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