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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This just in...

We learned something new from Scott Brown today: he likes his hot chocolate with whipped cream.

The state's junior senator emerged from his cocoon long enough to sip hot cocoa with the Globe and Herald at a Southie diner, lament the media softballs thrown at Elizabeth Warren and complain about the terrible treatment he receives from the media he dodges at every turn.

Brown, who at last count held a 5-1 advantage in campaign funds (not counting the freebie ads he receives from Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS) told the Globe's Frank Phillips he was the underdog in the race even though, as Phillips noted, "[Brown] has been drawing on a national fund-raising base that has given him one of the largest campaign accounts among US senators."

In an interview with the Herald's Hilary Chabot, Brown must have mistaken his drink topping for the campaign to date, declaring that the questions aimed at Warren are "... all fluff. It’s all fluff."

Maybe he missed the time the almost-as-absent Warren was hurled hard questions like when did the Red Sox win the World Series.

Brown did take a semi-stand on tax reform, one that GOP demi-god Grover Norquist admits won't keep him up at night: he's willing to consider dropping his allegiance to Norquist's pledge if Congress "can show that it will manage taxpayers’ hard-earned money responsibly."

Scotto also upped the ante on the class war theme, declaring people that the Herald would consider payroll patriots or overtime gougers would be harmed by Democratic efforts to levy a small surtax on those making more than $1,000,000 annually.
“Remember those are the policemen and teachers and nurses who are working overtime to pay the bills and have the mortgages and the two cars and two tuitions, in Massachusetts especially...’’
Now it's undoubtedly back into the cocoon for Brown, who continues to avoid public forums where voters can ask him the tough questions he apparently thinks he gets from the media everyday.

You know, the ones answered in writing by his designated spokespeople.

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Anonymous Ty said...

Is this the same Scott Brown who had the press fawning over him because he drove a truck, which made him such a down-to-earth, manly, Real American? The kind of American who drives a truck? Because I seem remember a couple month stretch during the campaign when it seemed like every single report on him found a way to mention that he drove a truck. The fact that he drove a truck is the only thing I remember about his campaign, because the media was too busy noting that he drove a truck to spend much time on his positions. That's the guy complaining about soft media coverage?

For a guy who drives a truck, he sure whines a lot. Especially considering he drives a truck.

December 29, 2011 6:17 PM  

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