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Sunday, December 11, 2011

You betcha!

Not to inject religion into the 2012 GOP presidential primary, but I thought Mormons did not gamble? So why did Mitt Romney wager $10,000 for Rick Perry to prove edits to a Romney book that can be found here?

That wager appears to be the sound bite moment in yet another of the endless GOP debates, this one taking on a bit more importance because we're less that a month from the Iowa caucuses with a narrowing field.

The Romney gambit was foolish on so many levels, despite the protests of Eric Fehrnstrom. It's a change from the usually cool, collected and rational businessman. It seems jarring coming from a strait-laced Mormon. And it reflects how out of touch Romney is with the 99 percent, for whom $10,000 is not an insubstantial sum of money to be frittered away on a wager.

Democrats were quick to pounce on Romney, but there's so much more fodder here: Newt Gingrich reigniting flames in the Middle East; Ron Paul raising the obvious questions about Gingrich's personal and political hypocrisy; Michele Bachmann's catchy but desperate effort to create "Newt Romney" (isn't that Obamaney?).

But back to the $10,000. The wager is in sharp contrast to the image painted of Romney by the The New York Times in a feature outlining the thrifty businessman who drove beat-up cars. And that in turn reflects Romney's desperation in the face of a lifelong political problem of plummeting polls numbers as people get to know him.

There's one safe wager here: Romney is feeling the heat and shifting out of his automaton mode. That can make the weeks leading up to the caucus entertaining -- but potentially devastating to Our Man Myth.

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