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Friday, January 20, 2012

As the GOP Turns

Who says the Republicans primaries are dull: Rick Perry dropped out; Marianne Gingrich dropped a dime on her ex. And Mitt Romney lost the Iowa caucuses -- 17 days late.

At least no one talked about Romney's taxes. Oh, wait a minute.

When last we left the GOP soap opera Our Man Myth was struggling to cope with a rising tide of stories about his tax-paying privileges and I opined the media was on the verge of devoting their full attention on the increasingly likely GOP nominee.

But that was before one of the wildest days in any primary I can recall. Let's start with the Gingrich squeeze play.

With polls suggesting the Newtster was closing in on Romney in South Carolina, Perry's withdrawal and Gingrich Wife #2's decision to open up about their "open marriage" threatened to change the equation.

After all, it's not easy to believe evangelicals will be comfortable with the revelation that the Speaker of the House was having an affair with an aide "in my bedroom in our apartment in Washington." While leading the witch hunt to impeach Bill Clinton over an affair.

OK, they'd be fine with the last part.

So with Gingrich is full mad dog mode, you would think it would be a red letter day for the Mittster, a break from the look at his 15 percent tax rate and offshore tax shelters.

Except for the part where Iowa's Republican Party decided to do a recount after all -- and award Rick Santorum with a 34-vote win. So much for Romney's historic sweep of the first two voting tests.

About the only thing that's clear is Romney's chances of delivering a knockout blow in South Carolina tomorrow have faded and Florida's Jan. 31 contest takes on added importance.

Including 10 more days to delve into the Romney tax question.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What revelation? Other than an interview timed to cripple Newt when he is making up serious ground on Mitt, there is nothing anyone can say that can make him less appropriate to be president than we already know. The larger question is who in the Romney campaign has their dirty fingers in it?

January 20, 2012 9:44 AM  
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