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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Couple inches of partly cloudy

I didn't think they had to plow rain. So why are there snow plows making passes this morning with the French Toast Alert at low?

Despite sage predictions all day that the snow and sleet would stay far to the west, Bostonians are waking to the first white ground of the season. And like any good politician, meteorologists are cheerfully ignoring their earlier promises.
A quick shot of moderate to heavy snow moved through much of the area between 9pm and 1 am, depositing anywhere between 1/2" of snow all the way up to 2 1/2" of snow.
Which is a cautionary tale about taking seriously any November presidential match-up involving the presidential campaign. Lots of things can change, especially when only one side of the debate is being aired and pollsters are talking to people who don't have all the information they need to make an educated decision.

Of course the pollsters would never have French Toast alerts. Way too elitist.

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