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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Grand Old Phollies

For a party with only 11 percent of voters, the Massachusetts Republican Party sure has a way of keeping us amused. And the split among Bay State Republicans should serve as a clear marker for the perils that await presidential nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly -- the "Republican wing" of the state GOP -- is calling for the ouster of newly installed state party boss Robert A. Maginn Jr. over the discovery that he donated cash to both Deval Patrick and New York Sen. Charles Shumer. A reasonable gripe to be sure, even though Maginn says he supported and voted for Charlie Baker in 2010.

But was really cheesed off the wingers is Maginn's open support for Willard Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee (No word yet if they are equally annoyed by Maginn's backing of Scott Brown). Says Assembly president David Kopacz:
“There’s very, very little grass-roots support for Romney at this point.’’
The dispute mirrors the split in the national party between the Tea Party and establishment wings. But if Romney's home state band of brothers and sisters are divided, what does it say about the Mittster's ability to weave the factions together in a general election?

Pundits are saying one of the biggest challenges Barack Obama faces in his reelection bid is the enthusiasm gap among new voters who rallied behind him in 2008.

But there appears to be a similar gap growing between pragmatists and true believers on the right, one that could only be exacerbated if the Tea Party opts for a third way -- or sits on its hands come November rather than support the "Massachusetts Moderate."

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