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Monday, January 30, 2012

I object!

Hey Newt, I know Massachusetts liberals. and I am here to tell you Mitt Romney is not one of us.

The fast-and-loose-with the facts Republican primary season is grinding on and Newt Gingrich was paying a visit to Fantasy Land on Sunday, letting loose with a couple of whoppers that typify the unhinged basis of what passes for debate in 2012. First:
“I am, in fact, the legitimate heir to the Republican movement -- not some liberal from Massachusetts,” Gingrich told a sprawling crowd of hundreds at a strip mall parking lot in this enclave of senior communities.
We know Republicans have managed to turn the word liberal into a synonym for "devil incarnate." But seriously. Trying to apply it to a man almost universally scorned in the Massachusetts progressive community cries out for a visit from Politifact and consideration for its Lie of the Year.

Of greater relevance is this piece of unbridled hypocrisy:
“I have an opponent with money power, and we need people power to offset money power,” he said.
Perhaps you should read the "elite" media Newt. Or at least check your own campaign accounts.

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