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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Landslide Mitt

The Mitt Romney Newsletter should really wait until the polls close before writing their stories.

Our Man Myth is a huge loser in the expectations game, edging out Rick Santorum by a mere eight votes in the Iowa caucuses. Yes, let that sink in: the conservatives who dominate the Iowa GOP dislike Romney so much they opted for someone who was washed up and left for dead by the political professionals months ago. In the words of the New York Times:
Mitt Romney's quest to swiftly lock down the Republican presidential nomination with a commanding finish in the Iowa caucuses was undercut on Tuesday night by the surging candidacy of Rick Santorum, who fought him to a draw on a shoestring budget by winning over conservatives who remain skeptical of Mr. Romney.
Romney once again failed to generate 25 percent support among the party faithful, who opted for Mike Huckabee over Romney four years ago.

But the stunning slap in the face to Romney certainly has failed to register with his boosters over at Herald Square, who offered up this rousing analysis:
A soaring Mitt Romney has the wind at his back as he hits the Granite State today following his strong finish in Iowa — and his double-digit lead in most New Hampshire polls means he could clinch the nomination early, say pundits.
Yes, Santorum and Paul have little to no chance to win the GOP nomination. But the humiliation of barely edging Santorum has to be giving the party elders heartburn. Just when they though they had beaten down that pesky Tea Party wing, the wing came back and slapped them across the face.

Romney may indeed eventually emerge with the nomination. But the race just became long, nasty and brutish.

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