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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Leadfoot Tim

So who's the favorite for the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination? I wouldn't put a lot of money down on Tim Murray.

Our lead-footed lieutenant governor appears to have been asleep at the wheel literally and figuratively when he smashed his state-owned Crown Vic on Nov.2. A story that already had holes -- he was surveying storm damage at 4 a.m. and returning home after buying a Herald when he hit black ice -- is now as wrecked as the car.

Murray complicated his own political fate by refusing to authorize the immediate release of the car's data recorder which yesterday offered up the new story of the high-speed crash. And by insisting he was only trying to spare the State Police undo political pressure by acceding to the Freedom of Information requests, he made their situation even worse.

Now the troopers need to explain why they bought into Murray's black ice defense.

The ever-helpful Herald finds an expert who casts doubt on the latest story too:
“The evidence would indicate he’s not sleeping at the time because he’s actively pressing the throttle,” said Bruce McNally of New Hampshire-based McNally & Associates and a former Maine police officer with 25 years of crash-reconstruction experience. “Just a couple seconds before losing control, he floors it. That’s not typical of a driver who falls asleep. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it occur. A typical driver who falls asleep, their foot would come off the pedal.”
Damage control this is not. Murray was lucky to escape the crash with his life. His political life, however, is in critical condition right now.

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