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Saturday, January 21, 2012


I usually pull out the G section to read the Globe comics. Today, the funny papers are on Page One.

I'll give Globe editors a minor slap on the wrist for poor work by allowing this factually incorrect paragraph to appear before the jump:
A week ago, propelled by a narrow win in the Iowa caucuses and a convincing victory in the New Hampshire primary, he steamed into South Carolina with a double-digit lead over his rivals. He hoped that three successive victories in the first three states would swiftly seal the nomination for him and allow him to begin focusing on the general election.
It was only one paragraph later, to be sure, that editors noted the fact Romney had actually lost Iowa. Let's call it a literary device that ignores the fact the lies retold often enough overshadow the truth.

Besides, trail reporting by solid journalists like Matt Viser and Michael Levenson provided enough comic relief to make me want to forget about Pooch Cafe. For example:
Pointing to [Newt] Gingrich’s ethics violation, Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who is leading Romney’s efforts in Congress, noted that Romney had won 64 endorsements from current US House and Senate members, compared with only 13 for Gingrich.
Let me get this straight: the Romney campaign thinks endorsements by congressional Republicans is a good thing?

But that wasn't it for the belly laughs:
John Sununu, a former New Hampshire governor and Romney supporter, also sought to raise alarms about Gingrich’s character. “This is a guy who is a megalomaniac, whose own leadership kicked him out as speaker because they got tired of the megalomania,’’ he said.
Takes one to know one, eh governor?

The best news of the day, at least for progressive bloggers, is win or lose, we will have Newt to kick Myth around a little longer.

Oh, and great double entendre in the headline folks. Makes up for the editing lapse.

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