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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of primary concern

Random thoughts while waiting for the exit polls:
  • Why was Mitt Romney channeling Donald Trump with his declaration that he likes to fire people? Romney again proved his inability to be spontaneous -- and the disastrous results that can emerge -- when he goes off the cuff because he his flustered or otherwise distracted. Want to bet $10,000 he'd like that comment back?
  • Anyone looking for a clue how far right the national Republican Party has lurched need look no farther than the new epithet -- Massachusetts Moderate. No longer content to vilify liberals, the hard right is now taking off against what they view as the squishy center. It could be damaging through the primaries, but helpful should Romney emerge the winner as expected. But then the Massachusetts part of the label will emerge as a problem.
  • Romney's emergence on the other side may well be decided after the reviews come in on the GOP's efforts to Swiftboat one of their own. The $5 million lifeline Dorchester-born casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is throwing to Newt Gingrich has the ability to sink the Romney campaign faster than John Kennedy's PT-109. The difference between this attack and the one that damaged John Kerry in 2004 is the Romney venture capital story doesn't need distortion. It's been playing continuously since 1994 for anyone willing to listen.
  • Dixville Notch is already in and it could be a harbinger of November. The three wings of the GOP split their vote, putting Jon Hunstman in a dead tie with Romney at two votes apiece, trailed by Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich. The winner in overall votes? Barack Obama.

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