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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silent treatment

Who let the air out of the House Chamber last night?

After a rousing start touting how Massachusetts leads the nation on job growth and education, Deval Patrick got down to a short list of business for the second year of the two-year term -- and there were probably corners of the ornate chamber where you could hear a pin drop.

That's because lawmakers have other things on their mind beside overhauling, community colleges and reining in health costs. To be fair though, they are focused on crime -- within their ranks.

The looming indictments from the probation department patronage scandal is undoubtedly weighing heavily on House leadership in particular.

The result was a low-impact speech with few applause lines and little of the exuberant whoops and hollers that typically greet the speech.

And come to think of it, what do lawmakers have to cheer about?

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