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Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Time for a U-turn"

You can say this for the Tea Party Newsletter: there are no little minds afflicted by hobgoblins like consistency running the place.

One day after proclaiming a clear path ahead for Mitt Romney following his eight-vote landslide over Rick Santorum, the Herald scrambled off the Romney band wagon -- at least for a day -- to acknowledge serious unhappiness in the ranks for their favorite son.

But no one noticed the unintended graphic "oops" that resulted on the home page when Margery Eagan's column on the travails of our lead-footed lieutenant governor was slotted to the left of the box housing the Santorum mea culpa.

"Time-for-a U-turn."

The tabloid headline writers certainly had a better sense of place, teasing the column at the top of the page with "Tim's mess -- "come clean now."

Good advice for the Romney cheerleaders too.

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