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Monday, January 23, 2012

Too little, too late?

It took a voter slap in the face but Mitt Romney will now share a sliver of the details of his 15 percent taxable income. But the greeting in store for Newt Gingrich from the "elite media" he despises should be the tale of the next week.

It what may be too little, too late to stem the damage, Romney plans to release one year of tax returns along with his current year estimate. And he plans to do it tomorrow -- after a GOP debate tonight and the run-up to tomorrow's State of the Union Address. Making you once again wonder what he has to hide.

But the scrutiny of Myth's taxes will be far less intense than the review in store for South Carolina victor Newt Gingrich who threw down the gauntlet toward the media, forgetting the ancient proverb that once should never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.

Gingrich's anti-media stance certainly plays well with GOP primary voters who receive all their news and misinformation from Fox News. But a rehash of Gingrich's checkered personal and political past will serve as a rallying cry for the GOP establishment looking to buck up Romney.

And bucking up he will need as he tries to clean up following a week where he lost both a caucus and a primary, not to mention the aura of inevitability that has long been his major calling card.

The tax decision was a first-class bungle -- and despite trying to bury it in a busy news cycle -- it is unlikely to go away. Obama released eight years of returns when he ran in 2008 retrenchment compared to Bill Clinton's 12 years released in 1992.

Romney will try to turn the upcoming Gingrich rehash back onto the former House Speaker, but the question has always been how effective can an attack Myth be?

Stay tuned as we find out.

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