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Friday, January 13, 2012

Unkind contribution

I thought the Tea Party Newsletter was supposed to be the voice of the "little" people?

Yet here is the unfair and unbalanced voice of the Mitt Romney campaign bashing working people who lost their jobs thanks to the deals negotiated by Romney's Bain Capital.
Vengeful Mitt bashers laid off by Bain Capital nearly 20 years ago are dogging their old nemesis again as Mitt Romney faces a familiar old storyline — first trotted out in his 1994 campaign against U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy — that he is a heartless, predatory capitalist.
The Herald's schizophrenic coverage does allow the "displaced workers" featured in the "King of Bain" documentary promoted by Newt Gingrich to speak their piece.

But the paper also trots out "old rivals" like Rudy Giuliani and Rush Limbaugh to protest the attacks on the GOP nominee apparent.

At least you know which side of the aisle the Herald stands on.

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