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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Regan can't run

It's an unofficial adage: if Walter Robinson has you in his sights, make sure your affairs are in order. The former Globe Mr. Everything has done it again, this time to public relations man George Regan.

And if you are one of the tiny circle of Regan fans it ain't pretty.

In the ultimate in the inside baseball in the tiny world of Boston political journalism, it was a grand slam. Boston Herald columnist Peter Lucas proclaiming "White Will Run" on the very morning when he opted to step down after four terms.

Anyone who knew the situation immediately suspected skulduggery. As a very young reporter, I had yet to meet Lucas so I was not in on the joke. I learned the truth as I also learned a few other things thanks to getting to know Luke.

The controversy blew up again this week when Lucas and Regan did battle on a Greater Boston segment too hot to air. Regan continued to insist Lucas only fooled himself.

Enter Robby:
On Thursday, I reminded Regan that in the days after the “WHITE WILL RUN’’ headline, he recounted for me how he and the mayor had snookered Lucas. He also arranged for me to have breakfast with the mayor, during which White cheerfully took credit for the Lucas takedown.
The incident also serves as a good reminder not to venture opinions when you don't have all the facts. The longtime Boston veterans on the Beat the Press panel immediately took Lucas' side. Not so Tom Fiedler, dean of Boston University's College of Communications, who ventured the Lucas was too credulous in believing that White wanted to make amends.

The same warning about credulity might also extend to Fiedler, who, according to some tellings of the tale, apparently was happy to believe that Gary Hart would only use the front door while being staked out by Fiedler's Miami Herald crew who took up Hart's challenge to "follow me around" as he pursued both Donna Rice and the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination.

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