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Saturday, February 18, 2012

There he goes again

Myth Romney either has a really bad memory or a really bad staff. There's very little else to explain his latest pirouette on labor.

OK: he's willing to say or do anything to wins the hearts and minds of the base that powers the Republican Party.

The Boston Globe reports Romney was a staunch defender of the Quinn Bill, that budget-busting law that awarded salary bonuses to police officers who advanced degrees. His support for Quinn -- at the same time he was slashing local aid, and supporting college tuition increases for the blinds and disabled, had its roots in winning the endorsement of police unions in his campaign against Shannon O'Brien.

You know, the same type of labor organizations that Romney accused Barack Obama and Rick Santorum of being soft on. Listen to one of those "union bosses":
As a candidate, he showed up to the office of the Boston Police Superior Officers Federation and asked for the union’s endorsement, said Thomas Nolan, a retired lieutenant who was then vice president of the federation. “There was a firm understanding that the quid pro quo would be his agreeing to allow our Quinn bill benefits to remain intact,’’ he said. “We felt assured that once he was elected, our benefits would be intact for four years and guess what? We got what we wanted.’’
Quid pro quo? Listen to Mike Widmer, president of the business-backed Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation:
He’d certainly portrayed himself as a reformer. So there was a real contradiction between what he had put forward and then the fact that he didn’t sign off on this very hard-earned reform.’’
It's no shock that Romney has flip-flopped on yet another issue. At this point it is hard to believe he has core beliefs on anything as he has sought elective office in Massachusetts and now nationally.

What is somewhat stunning is that no one associated with Romney, least of all the candidate himself, has the ability to recall, anticipate or even care about his tendency to say or do anything to play to voters in whatever state is on the line.

The latest flip-flop isn't the result of investigative reporting or even the pressure to release tax returns. It emerged from a simple examination of the record from 2002-2003, an era amply chronicled in newspaper archives and on the web.

Regular readers know I am not a fan of the Rabid Right. But I give them credit for being to able to see through an obvious phony. That's always been the reason they have doubts about the Man from Michigan-Massachusetts-New Hampshire-Utah-California.

Doubts he reinforces every time he opens his mouth -- with the full assent of his staff who obviously can't put a governor on the governor's mouth.

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