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Friday, February 10, 2012

What's in a name?

The first poll in the revamped 4th District is out and Republicans already have the heebee-jeebies.

It's no surprise that Joesph Kennedy III garners 60 percent support in the Boston Herald-UMass-Lowell poll. It's long been said that 40 percent of Massachusetts voters would never vote for a Kennedy. so he may be at his ceiling.

What's interesting is that Sean Bielat, who moved back to Massachusetts to run for a second time, is polling at 28 percent. The poll suggests the district really has drastically changed, with only 45 percent saying they had heard of Bielat, the man who claimed he scared Barney Frank in 2010 before thudding like a stone.

Bielat put on a brave face:
‘‘It’s consistent with everything we know about the race, which is that nobody knows who this guy is; they just know his last name."
And the Herald, which served as Bielat's campaign manager last time around, has already brought out the artillery in the form of Holly Robichaud, who declares:

Sean’s strategy should be to be Barn Coat 3.0. Pull a Scott Brown on him. Just as with the state’s Republican senator, Bielat is a very personable guy who has honorably served our nation — he’s a major in the Marine Corps Reserve — and he’s been around the block a couple of times. He is supporting a family and already had a career going when 3.0 graduated law school 21⁄2 years ago.

Sean earned his station in life. He didn’t inherit it.

In case you didn't notice, Senator Barn Coat is reassessing his own tactics in the face of a strong challenger in Elizabeth Warren, tagging her an elitist. Oh wait a minute, I guess it is the same strategy.

Kennedy apparently has that base covered too. While he has yet to declare his candidacy, he has hired a spokesman, Kyle Sullivan. Yep, the guy who works with Doug Rubin, who works for Warren and who helped engineer Deval Patrick's reelection over what once seemed to be long odds.

Early polls do need to be addressed cautiously. Kennedy has name recognition and little else. Other members of his family have flamed out miserably in politics, even in Massachusetts.

And the book to date on Bielat is that while he can get his visibility up, his negatives go up in tandem.

This could indeed get interesting, Dude. And no one knows it better than the Herald, which has started its own campaign early.

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