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Friday, March 09, 2012


What electric company schedules a "maintenance" outage on five hours notice on a school and work morning? NSTAR, that's who.

As I sit here after a fast shower and with flashing clocks, wondering if the eight hours was a merely a window for a 15-minute outage or whether there's more to come, I can't help but think back to a mere four months ago and another scheduled "equipment upgrade" that stretched on endlessly with an accompanying  communications outage.

Gosh I hope that equipment was still under warranty if it needed heavy maintenance so soon.

Not that National Grid is any better. Our wonderful gas utility continues to fill my mailbox monthly with a "home energy report" for my condo and my unit. And as usual I'm "Good" but not great compared to my neighbors, a problem I suspect I could solve with the purchase of a new boiler through National Grid.

And have they never heard of e-mail? Actually they have, so I get both e-mail and snail mail come-ons monthly.

Does National Grid know postage rates have gone up? Or do they simply bake the marketing costs into their rates?

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