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Monday, March 19, 2012

Laying a green egg

The ultimate joke of the annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast is that politicians paid good money for jokes as flat as green beer.

OK, Scott Brown may have appropriated his best laugh line from Conan O'Brien, but other breakfast celebrants -- with the possible exception of Lt. Gov. Tim Murray -- ought to be asking for a refund after slinging not-so-funny blarney at an event that may have outlived its time.

Murray,  who has yet to adequately explain the early morning crash that totaled his state-owned car, arrived in the hall in full NASCAR gear, toting cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and copies of the Herald. Damage control (political, not automotive) demanded that entrance of the 2014 gubernatorial hopeful.

That's "goober" as Rep. Steve Lynch later reminded State Treasurer Steve Grossman, another rumored candidate, a line recycled from another roast a day or two earlier.

At least that was an attempt at humor.

Brown dished out barbs to all -- including his O'Brien line about Rick Santorum and "protection," Mitt Romney and Cadillacs, John Kerry's Rhodes Island-based yacht and of course "Professor" Elizabeth Warren's success in finding her way from Cambridge and wagering a "Dom Perignon" that she wasn't an elitist.

The Democrat's likely nominee was equally sharp-edged, suggesting Brown needed a consumer advocate after paying $600 for his "everyman's" barn coat.

By the time Joseph P. Kennedy III arrived to poke fun at himself, I was deeply engrossed in matching my socks.

Two pols were noticeable by their absence -- at least live. Gov. Deval Patrick made a cameo on a video mocking his decision not to cut a vacation short to attend the roast. His predecessor Romney did not even make the conciliatory phone call.

His Cadillacs were probably in the shop.

But given the lame quality of the rest of the fare, Patrick and Romney may have had the last laugh.

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