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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let the games begin

The hearings may be over but the maneuvering over MBTA fare hikes and service cuts has just begun.

While transit officials say they have been listening to commuters who voiced their concerns at public hearings and e-mails,  they have also made it clear that some combination of hikes and cuts are still on the table -- to resolve just this one-year problem.
“Massive debt costs, coupled with increased operating expenses for things like energy and health care, are overburdening our system. The system we have today we cannot afford,” Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said in an open letter to riders. “Our final proposal will include both cuts and a fare increase.”
The only sure thing is that T officials will be unveiling their final proposal before members of the Great and General Court, looking for legislative assistance in stanching the red ink.

Next stop: Beacon Hill.



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