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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Professorial poll

Well, at least a majority of Massachusetts voters have a positive image of Harvard.

The latest poll in the looming showdown between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren turns the most recent conventional wisdom on it head. That's after a string of polls overturned the previous CW.

Perhaps the most significant finding of the PPP poll is that Brown's insistent references to "Professor" Warren don't appear to be having the intended impact of making the Harvard Law School faculty member appear to be an elitist who can't find her way out of Cambridge.

While Republicans are split on Harvard (after all Mitt Romney has two degrees from there) Democrats and independents are favorably inclined to Crimson. Then again, maybe its the glow of the recent NCAA appearance.

The only certain thing in that race right now is that a number of polling operations are getting attention for their products.

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