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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nerd prom

Friends. Romans. Countrymen. I come to bury the White House Correspondents Dinner, not to praise it.

Like Boston's St. Patrick's Day Roast, the lovingly named nerd prom has become an exercise in self-absorption, a chance for media, politicians and celebrities to mingle in formal attire and crack jokes at the others expense.

It's even a chance for Eric Fehrnstrom to spin that his boss is a wild and crazy guy.

The truth is this extravaganza was exposed in 2006 when guests just didn't get host Stephen Colbert's jokes because it was on them and the bubble in which they live, unperturbed by the real world.

Heaven knows we can use a little humor in our public discourse. A lot actually. But nerd prom is ultimately a joke on its participants.

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