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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Of Mitt and Mass.

Polls says Mitt Romney has a likability problem. But it's more than just the awkward white shirt and tie at a picnic table problem. It's us.

 Think about it. When was the last time Massachusetts offered the nation a presidential hopeful (or pretender) who was not charisma-challenged? John Kerry? Nope. Michael Dukakis? Puhleeze. The late Paul Tsongas? Un-uh.

Nope. We need to go back 60 years to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And the betting here is if JFK were to emerge today he would be subject to a blistering attack on his roots and his accent.

Face it. Massachusetts doesn't win a lot of popularity contests in the other 49. Call it jealousy over our health care and education resources or a standard-of-living that generally rates among the tops in the country.

The state's liberal mindset only deepens conservative unease with Multiple Choice Mitt.

Toss in for good measure folks who have heard way too much about the Red Sox and Patriots and you begin to see the problem.

Even if Romney were a hail fellow well-met, a George W. Bush have-a-drink with kind of guy he would be starting with a Massachusetts discount of at least 5 percentage points.

But Our Man Myth has another problem. At least the other Bay State hopefuls could count on adding the state to their electoral vote count. The Bay State's 12 are firmly in Barack Obama's column, a fact that will no doubt be pointed out on a regular basis.

Maybe that's Myth's ultimate weapon. You can vote for me because my home state, Massachusetts,  hates me -- and you hate them.

You heard it here first.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. It could be used as a positive. He had to learn to deal with people with different views (what other state has as communist/lefty a city as Cambridge, maybe Calif) and an entrenched corrupt public employee atmoshpere like Beacon Hill (all the idicted house speakers) and yet he made some things work. He can be viewed by independents nationwide as the only one to be able to even talk to both sides.

April 18, 2012 8:49 AM  

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