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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unequal justice

John Edwards is guilty of being despicable. But why is he sitting in a court of law before a single Wall Street banker?

The one-time North Carolina Senator and presidential candidate cheated on his dying wife, allegedly with the support of campaign true believers. He had a close political aide lie about the parentage of the child born from this tryst. As a result he's sitting in a courtroom charged with federal campaign finance violations.

Meanwhile, Richard Fuld, who presided over financial shenanigans at Lehman Brothers, a firm whose bankruptcy is considered the pivot point of the the economic meltdown, goes about his life, slightly less enriched after presiding over a firm that routinely cooked the books to hide its true problems.

And that's only a slice of the financial crisis that has upended not just the nation but the world, causing massive unemployment and pain.

Edwards' life and reputation is in tatters because of his own arrogance. But the folks who brought you the meltdown -- and the international upheaval --  have not yet had to answer for their own actions in a court of law.

Only in the United States is using taxpayers money to cheat on your wife and cover it up a bigger crime than raping the world economic system.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Eric Holder done something?

April 26, 2012 12:15 PM  

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