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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beaten LA

We interrupt this political campaign to share the happy word that the Los Angeles Lakers have been eliminated from the NBA Playoffs.

I know, I know, it's not quite the same as the Celtics winning it all. But every time the hated purple and gold fail is worth a moment of celebration.

And as for the Celtics, a team that leads the league in cardiac surgeries, and a guard with two dislocated shoulders, this magical post-season run continues.

Sure they have played down to the competition at times. But rebounding from what could have been a soul-sucking loss in Game 4 puts them one game closer to an East Conference Finals showdown with the hated Miami Heat.

For all their own injuries, the Celtics have been in the receiving end when bad fortune strikes others. This round would have been quite different had Derrick Rose not gone down and with it the Chicago Bulls chances against the eight-seed Philadelphia 76ers.

And there is a question mark about the Heat's Chris Bosh, not to mention that team has been anything but overwhelming against the Indiana Pacers.

Things are far from over: a return to Philly for starters. But there's enough hope from this fifth year of a three-year plan to dream about a Geezer Bowl Finals with the San Antonio Spurs, who will probably break out their first sweats in facing off against the young Oklahoma City Thunder.

If the Celtics do match up against the Spurs, do you think AARP will sponsor it?

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