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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Family feuds

Two good yarns involving sex, intrigue and downright nastiness offer themselves up this morning.

Is Boston Globe on the auction block because New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.'s girlfriend does not like former Times CEO Janet Robinson? The Globe offers a short synopsis of a New York Magazine opus that has the makings of a good movie involving wealthy families and huge egos.

Bottom line: the Globe seems to be the centerpiece is a power struggle that will no doubt see the newspaper part company from its New York management sooner or later.

Then there's the Globe's look at the other side of the evidence in the defamation lawsuit filed by former Boston founder Tom Scholz against the Boston Herald.

The Globe reviews depositions and other court filings to paint a sharply different picture of what might have prompted frontman Brad Delp to take his own life. The plot twists can be tricky but suffice it to say it involves a hidden camera in the bedroom of the sister of Delp's fiancee's bedroom.

What wasn't hard to understand with the reaction of Herald's reaction:
In a statement, Herald spokeswoman Gwen Gage said the Herald’s coverage of the matter has been “both accurate and excellent” and assailed the Globe’s coverage as “journalistic rivalry getting the better of editorial judgment.”
Oof. Grab the sunscreen and the beverage of your choice and check both pieces out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Boston Globe story published today discloses the truth behind the last days of Brad Delp’s life. This demonstrates that Brad was suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts since he was a teenager, long before he ever met Tom Scholz or became involved with BOSTON. It also shows that disturbing events unrelated to Tom Scholz and BOSTON combined with Brad’s own personal issues finally overwhelmed him. For more than a year the Boston Herald has had this information in Brad’s own words, from his e-mails and notes about the upsetting events in the last days preceding his suicide. The fact that the Herald has never reported this information to its readers is outrageous, especially when the Herald continues to write stories denigrating Tom in this matter. This information shows that the Herald got the story completely wrong. The Herald owes Tom Scholz an apology. And then some.”

Steve Simon, business affairs representative and close friend of Tom Scholz.

May 27, 2012 11:52 PM  

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