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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Go away. Please

Boston would be better off if three folks in the news recently faded into oblivion. So would they.

The clubhouse leader is Curt "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Schilling. Mr. Bounced Cheek clearly snookered Rhode Island leadership, who we now learn may be entitled to even more of that struggling state's taxpayer cash.

The honorable thing would be for 38 to renounce the extra cash and try to make a go if it they way Schilling expects lesser mortals to act -- without government handouts. I'm not holding my breath.

Running a close second at the clubhouse turn is Josh "The Texas Chicken Man" Beckett. Read between the lines of today's Globe story about season ticket holders left, um, holding the ticket, for the Red Sox malaise and the name Beckett is sure to emerge.

Maybe he can help his old teammate out with a little chicken feed?

Then there's Todd English, whose trash is talking. You would think after all the endless delays in reopening one restaurant damaged by a grease fire (ouch), he would know enough to avoid headlines about shuttering another.

The silver lining? He's got a million bucks (in unpaid back rent and other charges) that might be available to loan poor old Curt.

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