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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

History repeating

Beware of Bielats bearing polls.

That should be basic common sense for political reporters and editors after the 2010 congressional race between Barney Frank and Sean Bielat, when the challenger touted polls showing him closing in or leading the incumbent.

Even though we all know how that turned out, the once-and-future GOP hopeful (should he win the primary) is at it again, aided and abetted once more by the Boston Herald.

This time Bielat is facing Joseph P. Kennedy III,  who comes bearing a name -- and little else. That name catapulted Joe K III into a huge early lead in the reconstituted 4th Congressional District.

The son of former congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II is the first to acknowledge he offers little more than his family's history (good and bad) and, like Bielat, he has been conducting a tour of the district to learn the people and issues.

Yet despite his supposedly remarkable but unsuccessful challenge to Frank, Bielat was trailing by a 2-1 margin in February in a UMass-Lowell poll commissioned by, wait for it, the Herald.

By touting the newest survey, commissioned by Bielat himself, the Herald not only violated a basic tenet of political journalism, it also ignores the history of the GOP hopeful's internal poll hype.

Of course, real news would be made if the Herald didn't serve as head cheerleaders for Republican candidates.

This race is going to tighten, considerably, as both candidates get out and talk to people and try to buy ads in between the wall-to-wall blitz of the Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown battle.

In the meantime, can we rely on impartial surveys and not those paid for either of the candidates.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bielat still has a primary to win.

May 02, 2012 6:03 AM  

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