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Monday, May 28, 2012

Insecurity complex

Think Mitt Romney's not concerned about the shellacking he is likely to get in Massachusetts in November? The howitzer aimed at the Ron Paul slate in his own congressional district says otherwise.

The behind-the-scenes maneuvering by the Massachusetts Republican Party on behalf of the Mittster will not amount to a hill of beans come November -- or even in Tampa in August when Romney accepts the GOP nomination. He will have all the delegates he needs from GOP strongholds in the South, even if they have to hold their collective noses.

So here's something a bit unsportsmanlike in trying to overrule the grassroots efforts of the Paul loyalists who worked their way to the GOP convention by following the rules. Something, shall we say Romneyesque.

True, its a bit embarrassing to have his neighbors support someone else. But it's a scenario the Romney campaign -- one never to overlook the small details -- should have thought about at the time of the GOP caucuses.

Instead we are offered an Etch a Sketch moment. The latest of many more to come from Our Man Myth.

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