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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let's move along

Scott Brown has gotten downright cheeky about Elizabeth Warren's cheekbones. After all, it's a great diversion.

The junior senator and his campaign have been focusing like a laser beam on the questions they have raised about Warren's Native-American heritage. You half expect Brown to call for a congressional hearing on the topic, something his Republican colleagues would no doubt endorse.

And why not. After all it is an effort to take the spotlight off the tough questions Brown and the GOP ought to be facing as enablers of Wall Street and the financial services industry.

Brown has been a major recipient of Wall Street's campaign largess for carrying its water through the debate over Dodd-Frank. He has pulled in considerable recent support from New York and shows no inclination to give it back.

 Quite an incentive to change the subject, don't you think?

By framing their ceaseless questions about Warren's ancestry as a test of "integrity" and "truthfulness" Brown and his campaign are raising questions about his own.

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