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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scotto speaks

Scott Brown has been a virtual stranger from live media on the important issues throughout his tenure. But when it comes to Elizabeth Warren's heritage, Scotto seems to have found his voice.

The state's junior senator faced cameras to call on Harvard to correct its records about Warren Cherokee heritage or lack thereof. It's an issue he has been relentlessly pursuing for a month -- now throwing himself and not sure surrogates into the fray:
"She needs to answer the question ... about why she claimed Native American status when in fact she is not."
In fact, Warren did, in a story in the Herald that Brown must have missed:
“... my mother told me so. This is how I live. My mother, my grandmother, my family. This is my family. Scott Brown has launched attacks on my family. I am not backing off from my family.”
Brown makes it a habit of being publicly unavailable to talk about the real issues that face Massachusetts and the nation, operating through press releases and controlled appearances. He has not faced real questions, whether from media or voters in town hall forums, questions on substance like his support for and from the financial services industry, an expensive and unnecessary "spare" jet engine or student financial aid.

The focus on bogus issues has finally caused Boston Mayor Tom Menino to wade into the fray. Hizzoner has been noticeably cool to Warren and continues to refuse to endorse the Democrat. But Menino has weighed in:
“I think she has come clean but nobody has let her off the hook,” Menino said. “It’s not relevant at all in the campaign. Let’s talk about the real issues: education, housing, crime. Those are the real issues we should be talking about. This is one of the issues that you [use to] try to divert as a candidate because you can’t deal with the real issues.”
The media is as culpable as Brown in keep the issue alive, even if voters don't seem to give a fig about it.

Of course it's the same media that focused on the barn jacket, the truck and Martha Coakley's praise of Yankee Curt Schilling (maybe she knew something we didn't?).

Maybe, just maybe, the media should start to hold Brown's feet go the fire on real issues during those rare times he emerges from his protective bubble?

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