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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Split personality

Wow, did you see how hard Eric Fehrnstrom is running away from himself?

The evidence is all over Page One of today's Globe, where the Scott Brown campaign worked a story declaring just how little the junior senator has in common with Mitt Romney. Except of course for a campaign adviser named Fehrnstrom.

The Brown camp is obviously concerned Romney's deep unpopularity in one of his home states is going to rub off on Brown, particularly as the high cheekbone gambit appears to not have moved the polling meters.

The result is we are offered a side-by-side comparison of Brown's difficult upbringing to that of Mitt "Cranbrook" Romney; told that Brown's website features images of the candidate with Barack Obama and not the man, who in 2004:
"... agreed on virtually every major issue - opposing gay marriage, abolishing bilingual education, rolling back taxes, instituting the death penalty, cutting budgetary waste and inefficiency."
We're also treated to this quote from an anonymous "insider who has worked with both men."
“I just think they’re different people. They function at a different level. Their friends are different. Their backgrounds are different. . . . Who they are as political figures is very different. Scott is so much more moderate. So I don’t know why they would be walking down the North End in the middle of Hanover Street together.’’
I wonder who that insider could be?

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