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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Brilliant diversion

It's time to declare the obvious: the Scott Brown campaign is running circles around Elizabeth Warren on tactics.

In a magnificent feint, Brown votes to reject an equal pay for women measure and the headlines talk about candidate debates. The Globe headlines of course: the Herald didn't even bother with the vote.

Warren's camp of course is highly culpable for this piece of journalistic misdirection, having hemmed and hawed for a couple of days after Warren dropped the debate gauntlet herself at the Democratic nominating convention.

Brown immediately picked it up and offered to meet on conservative radio talkmaster Dan Rea's show. Warren balked, a strange move since Rea's audience is a step or two above most yak shows, leaving her in a defensive crouch on an issue she raised.

And while Brown is anything but consistent between rhetoric and action, his campaign has shown it consistently thinks one or two moves ahead on the tactical chess board. Which brings us to the pay equality vote.

Senator Double Talk, who has proclaimed the importance of the women in his life, joined the Senate Republican minority in rejecting the Paycheck Fairness Act, designed to close a gap where women get paid 77 cents for every dollar received by a man,

Brown and the GOP declared the measure would impose "unfair burdens" on employers when called upon to explain and lead to "frivolous" lawsuits. Oh, those silly women.

In a brilliant tactical move (again), Brown trotted out Maine's Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins as cover in declaring they really are for the bill even though they voted against it.
β€œIt’s the right cause but the wrong bill,’’ Brown said after the vote.
Brown has based his Senate career on saying one thing while doing another: rejecting equal pay for women while supporting Wall Street is perhaps the biggest contradiction of all.

And unless the Warren campaign gets on the stick and starts thinking better strategically, they are going to let him get away with the doublespeak.

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